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20 April 2020

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Creative Ways to Listen/Watch Together (Even When We’re Apart)

 Have you ever been at a concert and stopped to watch everyone around you belting out the same words at the same time? That collective experience is electric, and it’s one of the thrills of joining a crowd to watch entertainment, whether it’s music or sport or film.

It’s also one of the experiences we’re missing most during the pandemic, and not knowing when we’ll be able to gather again for a show is disheartening. As we take each day at a time, let’s put a little of that heart back into things by experiencing something together again, at the same time.

Crazy creative listening and watch parties have popped up all over the Monadnock region, and they’re a fun way to break up the week and feel in tune with friends and neighbors.

Listen In

You might not be able to grab tickets to your favorite venue in the coming months, but you can always turn your kitchen into the best dance party around. And if you have fun busting a move, don’t forget the amazing arts organizations that got you grooving.

During this time, we turn to the arts for comfort, inspiration, hope, and relief. Let’s make sure the organizations we’re relying on so heavily have the support they need to come out on the other side and continue their crucial work in the community.


This summer, Brewbakers café will relocate to the current site of Terra Nova Coffee at 48 Emerald St., where a new arts block is preparing to launch. The space will host music, arts, and cultural events throughout the year once social distancing guidelines have been lifted.

In the meantime, they’re pouring their energy into keeping excited patrons hopeful and connected through the NOVA ARTS Listening Project, which launched in early April. The idea is simple. Everybody has the same album at the ready (on vinyl, CD, streaming, whatever) and blasts it at the exact same time.

There’s definitely a certain comfort that comes with knowing lots of other folks from the community are out there doing the same. So far, some artist choices have included Cat Power, Stevie Wonder, and Aretha Franklin. Follow on Facebook to find out what’s shaking for the weekend ahead. Then mix a cocktail, cue up the tunes, and kick back together (or as together as it gets right now 😉).

Electric Earth Concerts

EEC is a year-round classical chamber series enjoyed by many in the Monadnock region, and the logistics caused by Covid-19 have not stopped this wonderful organization from keeping the music alive.

In place of their cancelled spring concerts, they’ve quickly pivoted to FREE, pop-up videocasts with performing artists from the EEC community. The goal is to keep listeners engaged and connected until in-person performances can resume.

There are several shows coming up in May, and while dates/times are made available in advance, the link is posted day-of. Grab the link on Facebook and settle in for a relaxing and restorative set, enjoyed in the virtual company of other music lovers.

While the shows are free, you can keep EEC going strong and support the musicians by making a ticket-price donation. Any contribution is appreciated, especially during this challenging time.

Catch a Flic

The smell of the popcorn, the swell of excitement as the lights dim, the collected laughs and gasps from an audience surrounding you. The movie theater is a magical place we can go to escape into a different world.

While the entertainment industry is on a temporary slowdown, new movie premieres have been postponed and theaters have closed their doors for the safety of their community and staff, but that doesn’t mean all is quiet inside.

Many local cinemas are hard at work renovating, upgrading and putting plans in place for the future. These businesses understand that once the world begins to return to its normal routine, entertainment is going to be crucial in restoring a sense of normalcy.

In the meantime, theaters in our community are finding ways to entertain and keep their customers in their hearts. Cut to camera one to see how two of our favorite theaters are bringing a little big-screen pizazz to at-home viewers.

Peterborough Community Theatre

The Peterborough Community Theatre is not only the oldest-running movie theatre in New Hampshire, it’s also one of the most charming. This beautiful piece of living history opened its doors more than 105 years ago and still does a thriving business showing independent films, classics, and blockbusters.

During the shutdown, they are determined to continue delighting the masses by posting often on social media employing their unofficial mascot, Rex the dinosaur (of Toy Story fame) to raise spirits. Messages of hope in the form of movie quotes grace their marquee like “Just keep swimming” and “There’s no place like home.”

But here’s the best part…One word: Popcorn. Every Saturday night, you can order yourself a container of genuine movie-theater popcorn to enjoy with your own weekly, living room screenings. A large popcorn can be ordered for their regular rate of $6 on the PCT website ahead of time or in person for takeout.

They are open for pick-up Saturday evenings from 5 to 7pm and are accepting cash or credit. Live in Peterborough, Dublin and Hancock? They’ll even deliver for an additional $2. Want to make sure you can once again nestle into one of their comfy theater seats when this is over? Add on a “Corona Coupon” ($20 to use once the theatre reopens and 50 cents off every popcorn order for a year)!

The Colonial Performing Arts Center

The Colonial Performing Arts Center, located at the heart of Main Street in Keene, is a staple in the performing arts community. The Colonial has been showcasing live performances of all styles since 1924.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art movie screen, The Colonial shows award-winning films in addition to their live performances. During the shutdown, they are closing their physical doors but opening their virtual presence as they explore new and creative ways to share their art.

Be a part of it by following their active social media where you’ll catch virtual performances and live streams of some amazing musicians who have graced their stage. They have also created a virtual screening room where you can “rent” a movie for three days, gaining unlimited access for just $12. New movies are released every Friday at 2pm.

To make your at-home screenings more authentic, The Colonial is also offering Curbside Concessions, not just popcorn, but soda and snacks, as well. Order ahead of time online and pick up on Fridays from 4 to 7pm.

In addition, they recently made the exciting announcement that they will be providing free streaming services from their partners, The Met Opera, National Theatre Live, Exhibition on Screen, Live Nation and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Visit their website to see what free performances are available and start writing up your must-watch list!



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