6 LOCAL Keene, NH Things You Didn’t Know You Could Have Delivered

30 April 2020

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6 LOCAL Things You Didn’t Know You Could Have Delivered 😍

There are some perks to the stay-at-home order…

Working from home = sweatpants all day (and SO much coffee!)

Hubby at home = divvying up dinner duty (and maybe trying new recipes)

Weekends at home = a house and lawn so pristine they’re mistaken for Tara (by the way—you totally have enough time to rewatch Gone with the Wind)

But we can all admit, life feels a little dull when you’re stuck on repeat. Have they actually explained with science why time seems to have slowed to a crawl since this whole thing started???

If the beautiful springtime ahead looks daunting instead of delicious, try not to feel down. Because we live in such an AMAZING community, there are still a ton of ways to shake things up, support local, and make the season count.

Whether you’re looking to get creative, organized, fed, or stoked, this list will set you on the right path. The best part—you don’t even have to leave home, which is the goal, right? So order up, have fun, and be sure to thank the folks behind the scenes 💗.


Because YES, you need more! Is that even a question??? Lucky for you, local coffee joints are going to great lengths to keep the community fueled, some offering curbside pickup, free shipping, or delivery.

In fact, Prime Roast in Keene just announced they’re hoping to personally deliver locally on a brand-new e-bike they purchased with community support funds. In a Facebook post, they wrote: “We’ve had an overwhelming demand for local bean delivery; we’d love to do some in person…Stay tuned for more info. The Prime Roasters are very excited to get back to work…and take turns testing out our sweet new ride!”

In the meantime, you can have their rave-worthy beans delivered to your doorstep via more traditional methods. Find ordering info on their website. Tip: These guys are generously shipping FREE in NH, so if you can, order in bulk to help everyone get the best bang for their buck 😉.

Comfort Foods

If you’re going to brew up some darn good coffee, you might as well have some scrumptious, handmade food to go-with. For your fix of comforting carbs delivered door-side, check out Firedog Breads. The bakery’s rotating bread calendar includes options like baguettes, Nordic Barley, and Saffron Semolina.

Order via their BreadBox page and either swing through to pick up or get delivery in Keene. One happy customer wrote on the bakery’s Facebook page: “After this week I don’t think we could ever go back to regular bread. Thank you for giving us a choice for delivering so those of us with small children can stay with them.”

Another delicious treat to take advantage of is The Bagel Mill’s Sunday deliveries, which reach a long list of towns across the region. Check out their Facebook page for the most up-to-date info. Purchase a baker’s dozen and add-on cream cheese, butter, or hummus if you like. The delivery fee is just $5, an inexpensive way to brighten your weekend or surprise a friend and put a smile on their face.

DIY Cupcakes

Let’s stick with the foodie theme for just a moment because this one is too good to pass up.

Life is Sweet  in Keene is definitely doing their part to make life sweeter by shipping out kits with Naked (un-decorated) cupcakes ready for your personal touch.

The kit includes everything you need to dress up your sweet treat before devouring with your quarantine buddies.

See all the options, which include boozy, gluten-free, and vegan cupcakes, on their website.

Home Décor

Perhaps the only thing rivaling our focus on food right now is spring cleaning. FREE signs at the end of driveways and dumpsters outside the garage seem to be everywhere you look. It’s as though the entire Monadnock region has taken a crash course in Marie Kondo’s methods.

So if you’re letting go of housewares that don’t bring you joy, how about mixing in some that do? Local artists are having amazing flash sales during the crisis because so many of their events have been canceled. This means you can get unique works of art while ensuring our vibrant network of makers keeps on thriving.

One to check out is a favorite local from Fitzwilliam, Creations by Danielle Jacques, specializing in handmade, custom signs and décor delivered to your door. Jacques’ workshop has been hopping in the last months as fans of her work order up pieces for their newly rearranged living room or soon-to-be nursery. One loyal patron had this to say in her review, “Pretty much every room in our house has a touch of Danielle. Amazing quality & very generous prices.”

Your Car

Now is actually a great time for a tune-up or repair, especially since you may not be using your car to commute. Did you know that many local garages and dealerships are offering door-to-door service? When you call to make an appointment, just request pickup/delivery, and voila, it’s all taken care of.

One dealership providing this service is Monadnock Ford. Call to make arrangements and they’ll care for your vehicle from there. Service professionals are also taking extra precautions to limit health concerns, including wearing gloves and using steering wheel and shift covers when working on cars.

So talk to your mechanic and take advantage of this convenient time to get your ride in tip-top shape. Then you’ll be ready to let the good times roll when things are up and running again.

Care Package

Lots of your favorite small businesses have been getting creative with care packages to break up the monotony with a little surprise. Some fabulous ones that have popped up are Vintage Mystery Care Packages from The Melamine Cup in Jaffrey, Quarantine Survival Kits from Hannah Grimes Marketplace in Keene (20% of proceeds to United Way’s Covid-19 Relief Fund), and Cheer Up Boxes from European Esthetics in Peterborough.

The Cheer Up Boxes change up weekly and are filled with self-care goodies, like sunscreen, nail polish in spring shades, citrus green tea, or a relaxing sleep mask. Order online, along with any of the spa’s natural body care products, and choose between shipping or local delivery. Great to send to friends or to yourself if you need a pick-me-up! And let’s face it—we could all use one right about now.

So send yourself a little silver lining, take a deep breath, and remember, we’re in this together.


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